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Phioenix Total Security - Intruder Alarm Systems

PTS specialise in installing Menvier intruder detection systems.  All systems comply with the British Standards, NSI and the Police Code of Practice. 

We can install a wide variety of sensors, detectors and alarms to protect all types of industrial, business and retail property.  These include door, window and shutter contacts, and vibration, movement or sound detectors and break-glass sensors for complete protection.  The latest movement detectors substantially reduce the likelihood of false alarms, to ensure you maintain Police response.

Intruder Alarm Control Panel


The type of control panel you require will depend on the size of your premises and the way in which your system will be used. For example, a large warehouse may require less zones or access points than a medium sized office.

We will help you select the control panel features required to secure your premises effectively. It makes sense to choose a system with spare capacity, allowing you to expand at a later date.



You can be secure in the knowledge that your PTS-installed system will provide total peace of mind.

  • All equipment we install carries a 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty and is linked to a Phoenix Total Security 3 year Maintenance Contract.
  • We operate an alarm monitoring and response service activated through a direct modem link to our offices in Dagenham.